Pepsi CEO Says: ‘Bugs Are the Food of the Future’

CEO of Pepsi, Indra Nooyi, says insects are the food of the future: ‘The hottest thing is eating crickets!’
Could Pepsi start rolling out cricket- and ant-infused products?

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Could Pepsi start rolling out cricket- and ant-infused products? 

Grubs are great, according to Big Soda. Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi said the future of food was bugs and insects, and she predicted that the edible creepy crawly trend would explode in the coming years.

“Bug-related stuff is big,” Nooyi told investors at the Net/Net event at the New York Stock Exchange. "[Experts] said the hottest thing is eating crickets. I am not talking about the game cricket, I am talking about crickets! In chips. And I am a vegetarian, I am not eating any cricket chips. But they said if you want a high protein source, there is a series of products being launched with crickets."

Although crickets and other bugs may gain popularity in the coming years, Nooyi said she didn’t see Pepsi releasing bug-filled products anytime soon. Entomophagy — or the consumption of insects — may be popular globally, but it hasn’t exactly hit the United States yet. However, in the future when climate change has dwindled our protein options, bug-filled snacks and foods could go from “yuck” to “yum.”


Nooyi is probably correct about the upcoming bug trend. After all, according to CNBC, another Pepsi executive correctly predicted 10 years ago that people would grow tired of junk food and would seek out healthier snacks and products.