People Are Waiting Three Hours for a Taste of This Ranch Dressing-Themed Restaurant

Twisted Ranch in St. Louis serves 27 different types of homemade Ranch dressing, all ladled over various types of comfort food

Who knew this staple condiment could inspire so much passion?

The people behind the Twisted Ranch restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri, really can’t get enough of that creamy, white dressing. For most of us, ranch dressing is just a condiment to put on your salad or dunk your wings into, but at Twisted Ranch, you can order 27 different types of ranch dressing and have it slathered on top of anything on the menu.

The kicker? After a popular video of the restaurant went viral, thanks to BuzzFeed, lines are out the door on Friday and Saturday nights, and people wait up to three hours for a table.

“On Friday, we had to close early because we were out of food,” Kris Nothstine, a manager at Twisted Ranch, told the St. Louis Dispatch.

Ranch dressing flavors include "cheesy bacon” and "ruffalo," a roasted garlic buffalo sauce-blended ranch.

But is it worth the hype? A recent review calls the restaurant’s quality into question:

“The problem is that even at a ranch-dressing restaurant, ranch dressing is merely a condiment, and Twisted Ranch’s fare, overseen by chef Joe Dufek, is adequate bar food, at best,” St. Louis Dispatch review Ian Froeb writes.


He does concede however, that the dressing itself is “far superior” to the store-bought kind. Can we get a bottle to go?