Peek Inside ‘Chopped’ Judge Chris Santos’ New York City Apartment

Chris Santos is working on a cookbook, a new restaurant, and maybe a boxing gym

The ‘Chopped’ judge shares the East Village apartment with his girlfriend and a pug, Tyson. 

The New York Observer recently interviewed Chris Santos, a judge on Food Network’s Chopped and the owner of The Stanton Social and Beauty & Essex, both in New York City’s Lower East Side, and gave us a chance to check out Santos’ East Village apartment.

In the last year, Santos managed to cook at the White House and Camp David, and is now working on a third restaurant in New York City, and has a line of sauces that is likely headed for Whole Foods and other grocers.

The chef is also working on a forthcoming cookbook, and a line of fitness products that align with his other big love, boxing.

“My grandfather was a pro fighter, and I kind of missed my calling because I didn’t start training until my 20s,” Santos told The Observer. “A lot of my friends are world champion boxers and one of my investors is, too. I’m hoping at some point to have a boxing gym. That’s my second life.”


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