Papa John’s Deliveryman Receives $1,900 Tip From a Church in Anchorage, Alaska

“The Lord does work in mysterious ways…”
Papa John's

Photo Modified: Flickr/Moresheth/CC 4.0

Ken Felber has been delivering pizza for Papa John’s for 14 years.

A pizza deliveryman in Anchorage, Alaska, received an unexpected surprise when he made a delivery to a local church.

Ken Felber, who has been delivering pizzas at a Papa John’s for 14 years, received a $1,900 tip from the pastor at Chugach Covenant Church Congregation on October 18.

Felber showed up to the church with the boxes of pizza, and Pastor Dan Krause asked him what the largest tip he has ever received was.

“And I said, ‘Biggest tip I ever got was 100 bucks,’” Felber told KTVA 11 News. Then, Krause asked, “How does a tip of $1,900 sound?”

Felber received the tip in cash and it couldn’t have come at a better time for him. He has been struggling to pay for car repairs and has to pay for medication out of pocket because he does not have healthcare.

He intends to spend the money on snow tires, medical expenses, and a celebratory spaghetti dinner with his wife.


“The Lord does work in mysterious ways,” Felber told KTVA 11 News. “Think about that. I’ve never believed that, but now I do.”