Oreo Releases a New Product, and It’s Not a Crazy Flavor: Introducing Oreo Thins

Oreo is releasing a new permanent product called Oreo Thins, made with a thinner, crisper cookie

Same cookie, just a little skinnier.

Oreo is releasing another new cookie, but this time it’s not a crazy flavor like Reese’s or S’mores. Oreo Thins will hit shelves this July, and this cookie is exactly what it sounds like: a thinner Oreo with a crispier, cracker-like cookie. The circumference of the cookie is the same; it’s just the depth that has changed.Oreo Thins are not being touted as a diet cookie: you won’t find Stevia listed in the ingredients. You can try the cookies in classic, golden, and mint varieties, although more flavors may be added to Thin’s roster soon.

"The crisp and delicate texture of Oreo Thins was specially designed for fans who love the taste of Oreos but are looking for a more sophisticated cookie," said Patty Gonzalez, senior brand manager of Oreo.

The Daily Meal had the opportunity to try Oreo Thins and the verdict was a definitive four out of five glasses of milk. Our highly scientific scale determined that the cookie was just as tasty as the original and perhaps even more addictive, because you feel as if you’re eating a slightly healthier snack. However, Oreo Thins do get knocked down a glass of milk because it’s a little bit difficult to pull off the “twist and pull” without breaking the cookie.


Each cookie contains only 35 calories, as opposed to the original’s 53 calories per cookie, so you can feel slightly better when you snack.