Oreo Neither Confirms Nor Denies Existence Of S'mores Oreos

Oreo's flavor production team is moving at such a breakneck speed that it seems like we have barely had time to process the Red Velvet Oreo flavor when a brand new variety comes along. The newest flavor to join the ranks of Reese's, watermelon, birthday cake, and pumpkin spice Oreo varieties could be... drum roll please... S'mores Oreos! Photos of the S'mores Oreo packages have been circulating on Twitter and Instagram, and they look like a graham-cracker-flavored Oreo cookie with chocolate and marshmallow-flavored crème.

Unfortunately, Oreo is keeping mum on the subject, and won't let us know right now whether Oreo S'mores are real or a fake (like those fried chicken Oreos).

"OREO limited-edition flavors are constantly a source of speculation... we've seen a number of made-up flavors 'leak' online, but we've also seen actual flavors leak, too," said a representative from Oreo.

Our feelings on the matter can be summed up thusly: