Oreo May Team Up With Dunkin’ Donuts for Some Epic Coffee Cookies

Is the next limited-edition Oreo flavor a collaboration with Dunkin’ coffee?

This sounds too good to be true.

Oreo has no shortage of cool cookie flavors, but while we’re still reeling from the announcement of Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos, the latest from the Oreo rumor mill is a Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreo cookie flavor — inspired by Dunkin’ Donuts’ iced mocha beverage — as announced by that all-knowing social media account @TheJunkFoodAisle.

The same Instagram account has been responsible for announcing other Oreo flavors like Peeps Oreos, which were officially announced a month after @TheJunkFoodAisle posted about them. This week, the Instagram account also posted pictures of Apple Pie Oreos, and both this flavor and the Dunkin’ Donuts collaboration are tagged as “coming soon.”

It would not be the first collaboration between Dunkin’ Donuts and Oreo. After all, over the past several years, Dunkin’ has introduced products like the Oreo Coolata, Oreo cheesecake square, and Oreo-flavored hot chocolate.


However, @TheJunkFoodAisle is known for mixing real sneak-peeks of upcoming snack products with fake, doctored images of “wish list products” — so until Oreo says otherwise, we’re skeptical of the veracity of this claim.