Oreo Churros: Yes They’re Real, and Here’s How You Can Snag Some

Coming soon to your grocery store’s freezer section: frozen Oreo Churros stuffed with crème

They sound too good to be true, but Oreo Churros are an actual thing now.

How do you improve the simple Oreo cookie? Nabisco has certainly tried in recent years with quirky flavors like watermelon, pumpkin spice, and s’mores.But this newest cookie innovation is not merely a different flavor, it’s a whole new Oreo. Introducing Oreo Churros, now available in your freezer aisle.

They debuted at the Meadowlands State Fair over the summer and were so popular that they’re now being commercialized. These sugar-sprinkled Oreos have the shape and consistency of the traditional churro and are filled with Oreo crème. Pop them in the oven or microwave for a highly caloric adventure for your taste buds and arteries. According to the product description, they’ll be ready in just a few minutes.


The Oreo Churros are available at most grocery chains, movie theaters, and sports venues around the country in both the traditional 10’ churro size and churro bites, in case you want to cut down on the snacks (though we’re not sure if you’d have the willpower).