Onion-Flavored Chocolates? This Gourmet Chocolate Shop Went Savory for Its Newest Collection

The newest chocolate collection from the New York City-based La Maison du Chocolat combines sweet and savory flavors

What do you think? Would you ever eat chocolates flavored with olives, onions, and red bell peppers?

When you think of gourmet chocolate, fillings like ganache, pralines, and salted caramel probably come to mind. But what about onions? La Maison du Chocolat, a gourmet chocolate shop based in New York City, has created an entirely new concept for its latest chocolate collection, called Chocolate Revelations. Most chocolates rarely step outside the sweet flavor realm, only occasionally venturing into salty or bitter notes. However, this new collection incorporates flavors like black onions, red pepper, mushrooms, and white onions. Sound weird? Maison says “don’t knock it till you try it.”

Created by Nicolas Cloiseau, master chef at La Maison du Chocolat, the collection “unearths a terroir of flavors and brilliantly brings us autumnal sensations through the full-bodied essence of pepper, the sultry character of mushroom, the boldness of Espelette pepper, and sweetness of spring onion, enhanced with balsamic vinegar, or finished with crystalline notes of Guérande salt.”


Here are the exact flavors: dark ganache with red pepper, hazelnut praline with porcini mushroom, ganache with caramelized onions, praline with black olives and olive oil, and ganache with a dash of Guérande salt. The prices for chocolate boxes start at $24.