Olive Garden to Start Turning Their Famous Breadsticks Into Sandwiches

Olive Garden announced that they will turn their most famous appetizer into parmigiana breadstick sandwiches
Olive Garden to Start Turning Their Famous Breadsticks Into Sandwiches
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After a particular tumultuous 2014, is the revitalization of Olive Garden on the way?

Last year, a scathing report from Olive Garden’s investor company, Starboard, hurled some epic accusations at the famous Italian-American chain, including a critique of the restaurant’s “wasteful unlimited breadsticks” policy. Well, Olive Garden is biting back at the criticism and putting their famous breadsticks to good use: as parmigiana sandwiches.

Olive Garden recently announced that they would begin using their famous buttery, melt-in-your-mouth breadsticks as the base for new meatball and chicken parmigiana sandwiches.  The “breadstick bun sandwiches,” as they will be called, cost $6.99 and will start appearing on menus soon, Olive Garden told Mashable.

"We’ve been evolving our menu a lot over the past year and we’re really trying to give our guests more ways to enjoy the things that they love," Jessica Dinon, a representative for Olive Garden, told Mashable. "We know our guests love our breadsticks. It's iconic."

This just goes to show that Olive Garden’s breadsticks are a huge part of the reason why anyone visits Olive Garden — even the staunchest fans, who eat there every day with the never ending pasta pass.

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