Olive Garden Is Offering Four New Lasagnas for a Limited Time

Variations include Ravioli Alfredo, Chicken Parmigiana, Seafood Lasagna, and Chocolate Caramel

Lasagna offerings will be available through May 29.

Olive Garden is offering four new lasagnas on its menu, for a limited time. They are available now through May 29, according to Food Beast. Variations include Ravioli Alfredo Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana Lasagna, Seafood Lasagna Sauté, and Chocolate Caramel Lasagna.

Ravioli Alfredo Lasagna is described as “layers of pasta, marinara sauce, and Italian cheeses, topped with indulgent cheese-filled ravioli, rich and creamy Alfredo sauce, and toasted parmesan breadcrumbs” on the Olive Garden website.

Chicken Parmigiana Lasagna combines two classic Italian dishes, and is essentially lasagna topped with Chicken Parmesan. Seafood Lasagna Sauté features spinach, tomatoes, shrimp, and scallops, all sautéed in a seafood Alfredo sauce.

Chocolate Caramel Lasagna, a sweet dessert lasagna, has “layers of vanilla-soaked sponge cake, decadent chocolate, smooth caramel, and creamy custard topped with chocolate shavings.”

The chain’s Lasagna Classico is also available at this time.


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