NYC Restaurant Sells the World’s Most Expensive Ramen

$180 ramen features gold flakes, wagyu beef, and shaved truffle

The restaurant, KOA, reports that only two customers have ordered the dish since it was added to the menu last month.

NYC restaurant KOA claims to have the world’s most expensive ramen on its menu. It has taken the humble, delicious Japanese noodle soup dish and added wagyu beef, truffle shavings, and edible gold flakes, reports Food and Wine

The restaurant, of course, also offers more moderately priced ramen, and tells the Wall Street Journal that it has only sold two bowls of the $180 ramen since it was added to the menu last month. The restaurant also stresses that the expensive soup is a marketing scheme more than anything else.

A Facebook post details that the dish is only served in-house with a reservation. Guests who indulge in the ramen also get to bring home a set of gold-colored chopsticks.

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