This Is The Number One Dessert People Order For Delivery, According To GrubHub

You may use GrubHub and Seamless mostly for ordering late-night pizza or lunch hour sushi, but there are plenty of Americans out there who love to get their sugar fix. In honor of the approach of March Madness' Sweet 16 final bracket, GrubHub compiled statistics on the top 16 desserts ordered in the past year.

The most popular sweet all year 'round is cheesecake, followed by tiramisu and cannoli. However, when it comes to game time during March Madness, orders of churros spike 78 percent and zeppoles increase 55 percent. (Apparently basketball really makes people crave sweet fried dough).

GrubHub also crunched the numbers on the city most likely to order dessert with their orders in March, and apparently Nashville takes the top of that list, where people were 135 percent more likely to order sweets than those in the average city. Dallas and Houston weren't too far behind.

Here's the full list of the Sweet 16 desserts from GrubHub.

16.          Chocolate mousse cake

15.          Mocha ice cream

14.          New York cheesecake

13.          Flan

12.          Chocolate chunk cookie

11.          Rice pudding

10.          Pie

9.            Brownies

8.            Ice cream

7.            Carrot cake

6.            Chocolate chip cookie

5.            Baklava

4.            Chocolate cake

3.            Cannoli

2.            Tiramisu

1.            Cheesecake