Now You Can Talk to Your Fridge and Order Takeout

Samsung announced a collaboration with Grubhub on its latest smart fridge that will order takeout for you

These smart devices are starting to sound more and more like the ones from The Jetsons

Have you ever opened up the fridge, found nothing to eat inside, and thought to yourself, “Well, I’d better go grocery shopping”? Now you can turn that sense of disappointment into action by ordering food delivery straight from your fridge.

Samsung’s Family Hub 2.0, the smart fridge that’s half food storage unit, half computer, is partnering with Grubhub to allow you to order takeout without leaving your kitchen using the touchscreen on the refrigerator door  to place an order.

“We want to be there for our diners when they face the common problem of coming home to an empty fridge,” Sudev Balakrishnan, senior vice president of product for Grubhub, said in a statement. “Through our collaboration with Samsung, we can offer another quick and convenient way to order food from local restaurants, whenever the craving hits.” 


This new technology is perfect for those who are too lazy to walk a few feet away and place their order on an iPad.