Now You Can Rank Your Grubhub Food Delivery by Accuracy and Speed

Grubhub unveiled a new reviewing platform that will rank restaurants by three different aspects: speed, accuracy, and quality

Never again deal with waiting forever for salad delivery.

Grubhub has announced an overhaul of its review system that will (probably) revolutionize the way you order takeout.The delivery ordering platform’s new ratings and review system will now rank restaurants by accuracy, food quality, and accuracy of estimated delivery time.

“Grubhub works hard to connect diners with the food they love from their favorite local restaurants, and to help restaurants succeed with innovative tools and technology,” said Sudev Balakrishnan, senior vice president of product for Grubhub. “We saw an opportunity to empower our diners by giving them accurate information on the aspects of the ordering experience they care about most, so they can make the ordering decision that best meets their needs.”


To make things even easier, users can simply text a short survey of their delivery experience. We’re not sure if happy or angry emojis will work on this platform, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they translated into starred reviews. Grubhub will then take this feedback and calculate stars for each restaurant page. Each rating is linked to a user order, so there’s little to no chance of fraud or a restaurant falsely inflating its reviews.