Now You Can Get Your Food Delivered by Yelp-Powered Robots

Marble and Yelp Eat24 have teamed up to create an army of takeout-delivering robots only in San Francisco (for now)
Robots that cook, order, and deliver food are in vogue right now.


Robots that cook, order, and deliver food are in vogue right now.

Yelp is jumping on the robot delivery bandwagon with its new team of food-delivering automatons being tested right now in San Francisco. The food review website has teamed up with robotics company Marble to create a robot shuttle that is capable of delivering food from restaurant to doorstep, with no human interaction required.

The innovation is first being tested in San Francisco’s Mission and Potrero Hill neighborhoods but could go national if it does well. Users in those neighborhoods will receive a text allowing them to opt in or out of the robot delivery program, according to Fortune. Then staff will prepare the food from one of five eligible restaurants and a clunky, oversized fax machine on wheels will dutifully bring it to the hungry customer.

The robot is designed to travel at the speed at which humans walk and can sense barriers such as pedestrians, barking dogs, and buildings. It can’t climb stairs, however, so you’ll have to come to the door to pick up your food.


Of course, Yelp is not the first to offer robotic delivery services. Domino’s has been testing out delivery robots in Europe for months, and Zume Pizza’s robots not only deliver your food, but they can make the pizza on the way to your home. Now that’s service.