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Now You Can Get Guacamole at McDonald’s

The latest addition to the menu is perfect for avocado lovers

In May, McDonald’s debuted the Frork, a ridiculous utensil using fries and edible prongs. Although the Frork itself stole the limelight, the satirical implement was actually released in honor of McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipe Sandwiches, which feature Sweet BBQ Bacon, Maple Bacon Dijon, and yes, one made with guacamole.

The guacamole is made with Hass avocados and pico de gallo made with roma tomatoes, onions, and flavors of lime and cilantro, according to the McDonald’s website. The Pico Guacamole sandwiches all include white cheddar, lettuce, and buttermilk ranch sauce and are served with a fresh lime wedge, but patrons can select between crispy chicken, artisan grilled chicken, and 100 percent pure beef patty.

If you’re still craving guacamole, but are only looking for bite-sized snacks, some people suggest using the guacamole as a dipping sauce for fries or chicken nuggets.

Want to make your own guacamole? Read about five ingredients you need for the ultimate dish.

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