Now You Can Get An All-Pink Starburst Bag

You know the drill: You open up a bag of Starbursts and everyone fights over the elusive pink flavor. Any more than one to a pack, and you've found yourself a unicorn bag. 

But fear not! Pink strawberry Starburst stampedes will be no more — now we officially have an all-pink Starburst bag.

"Believe it or not, over half of all references to Starburst on social media are about pink Starburst," a Wrigley spokesperson told the Today Show.

Available everywhere starting in April, the limited-edition all-pink Starburst bag comes in individual or regular-sized bags (although if you believe in yourself enough, any bag of Pink Starbursts can be an individual size). A 14-ounce bag costs $3.19, and the individual two-ounce packages are 99 cents.

This incredible news follows the announcement of the "FaveRED" Starburst packages that were released last year, featuring all red and pink flavors including cherry, watermelon, and our favorite strawberry.