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North Carolina Restaurant Hosts Titanic-Themed Dinner in Honor of 105th Anniversary

Guests were able to enjoy a ten-course meal based on menus saved from the ship

One-hundred and five years ago, the British ocean liner Titanic sunk into the North Atlantic Ocean, and to commemorate the anniversary the North Carolina restaurant Spring House and the Winston-Salem Wine Market recreated the ship’s menu to give patrons a chance to dine in luxury — without the tragedy.

According to Tim Grandinetti, head chef at Spring House, the menus only slightly strayed from the original offerings of Titanic’s first-class dining salon.

“It’s an amazing menu, but we had to scale it back,” Grandinetti told Winston-Salem Journal. “For one course — which I think must have been the big course, the showstopper — they had lamb, duck, sirloin of beef, green peas, two kind of potatoes, rice and carrots. It was a hell of a course.”

Additional menu items included Oysters a la Spring House, Consommé Olga, chilled salmon, filet mignon Lili, and more.

The wines for the themed-dinner were selected by Beth Binder, manager of Winston-Salem Wine Market, and M.C. Jones and Katie Braswell of Mutual Distributing Company.

“We tasted a lot of wines and carefully looked at the menu in determining what we thought would go best with each course,” Binder said. “Everything I found in history suggested they served lots of French wines: Chablis, Burgundies and muscadet. The sixth course, punch Romaine, is a palate cleanser that I found the recipe for online. Supposedly, it is the actual recipe they used on the ship.”

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