Noma Documentary Follows 4-Time ‘World’s Best’ Chef René Redzepi Through Worst Year of His Career

A documentary film crew follows René Redzepi in 2013, the year Noma was no longer considered the best restaurant in the world

A new documentary gives viewers an intimate look at the mind of René Redzepi, whose groundbreaking success has come with consequences.

On Sunday, November 15, the feature-length documentary Noma: My Perfect Storm will premiere at DOC NYC, the annual documentary film festival in New York City.

The film follows Copenhagen chef René Redzepi as he endures the worst year of his career, when, in 2013, Noma failed to be named the World’s Best Restaurant, placing second for the first time since 2010. “It felt like standing outside on a perfect, clear day and suddenly being beaten to the ground by hoodlums,” Redzepi has said of the moment Noma was taken off its pedestal.

That same year, dozens of patrons fell ill from norovirus after the disease spread from an infected member of staff.  

The trailer, which captures Redzepi’s alternating moods of rapturous creativity and desolation, more than hints at the chef’s conflicted relationship with success. Described as having “automatic access to genius,” Redzepi might function best when left to focus on his own goals, and yet he is hounded by notoriety.

“Do I believe that there is a best restaurant in the world?” Redzepi muses at one point. “Of course not, it’s ridiculous — but it changed our restaurant forever.”

Watch the trailer below: