No More Ketchup Bottle Abuse: This No-Stick Bottle Invention Is Genius

LiquiGlide, a non-stick coating, is designed to easily help you get the last remaining drops out of the ketchup or mayo bottle

This invention would definitely save a lot of headaches (and countertops).

Everyone has his or her own trick for getting the last drops out of the ketchup bottle. Some shake vigorously, and others swear by pounding on the number 57 on the side of the Heinz bottle. But a professor at MIT just came up with an invention so simplistic and genius that you’ll wonder why no one thought of it before. LiquiGlide is a permanently wet and slippery surface, and, according to its website, it can be used as a lubricant to ease out ketchup, mayo, glue, or other stubborn substances.

Companies like Elmer’s and an Australian paint company have already expressed interest in the technology. The best part of the invention? LiquiGlide co-inventor J. David Smith said that coating bottles and cans with LiquiGlide would lead to significantly less waste and have a positive effect on the environment. We really need the help, because, according to the USDA, Americans waste around one-third of their food.


LiquiGlide just received a $7 million investment from a private firm, according to The New York Times, so the product is well on its way to our pantries. Unfortunately, ketchup companies have not yet shown interest in the product — but we can dream.