The Newest Wacky Oreo Flavor Is Actually Amazing: S’mores Oreos

Oreos has come up with another flavor: a cookie version of the campfire classic, with chocolate and marshmallow creme

We think they missed an easy opportunity to market S’mOreos.

With all of the Oreo varieties out there, including cotton candy and watermelon, some of us have preferred to stick by the classic cookie.But hold on to your glass of milk, because the newest Oreo variety will likely have even the most staunch traditionalists clamoring in the grocery aisles: the S’mores Oreo (or the S’mOreo, as we lovingly call it).

The S’mores Oreos will officially hit stores May 22, and they consist of a graham cracker cookie and chocolate-marshmallow creme filling. Sadly, like most of the quirky Oreo varieties, these cookies are a limited edition, and will probably only stick around until the last of the summer campfires die out.


Oreo has also teamed up with Zipcar to surprise a select few Memorial Day weekend road trippers. If you’re heading out of town using a Zipcar this weekend, you could find a package of S’mores Oreos on the passenger seat, which should definitely alleviate the pains of holiday weekend traffic at least a little.