The Newest Taco Bell Innovation Is Croissant Tacos

Taco Bell is testing out croissant tacos in Ohio as a follow-up to the breakfast biscuit and waffle tacos

Croissant tacos are nice, but we’re patiently waiting for the day of the hash brown taco.

The time of the tortilla is coming to an end. Or at least that’s what Taco Bell seems to think. Taco Bell’s breakfast menu began stretching the limits of the breakfast taco by offering waffle and biscuit tacos.Now their newest innovation is the croissant taco, currently being tested in Ohio, according to Brand Eating.

The croissant taco is exactly what it sounds like: a crispy, flaky croissant molded into the shape of a taco shell stuffed with the usual Taco Bell fillings like sausage, bacon, and plain egg versions, and of course, cheese. The croissant tacos were already seen on some menus earlier this year, according to enthusiastic T-Bell fans on Reddit, but now it’s official.

Taco Bell may be a little bit late on the croissant-hybrid trend (cronut, anyone?), but we’ll forgive them for being behind the times if this breakfast item comes to the East Coast soon.


The only thing left to do is wait until the Taco Bell croissant rolls out nationwide, and hope that T-Bell creates more new taco shells using English muffins, doughnuts, and crepes.