Forget hot dogs, pierogi, and tacos: This eating contest is good for your digestive system.


New York State’s First Kale-Eating Contest Seeks to Rival Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition

Kale Yeah! is hosting an eating contest of the leafy green stuff on July 9 in Buffalo, about a week after the Nathan’s famous ea

Most eating competitions are filled with artery-clogging foods like wings, cannoli, and French fries, and of course there's the all-famous hot dog-eating competition. But now grease and fried foodstuffs are getting some fibrous competition.The Massachusetts-based catering and meal planning company Kale Yeah! is hosting an epic kale-eating contest this July 9 at the Taste of Buffalo food festival.

In what is hailed as the “healthiest eating contest in the world,” the nine competitors will have to race against the clock to eat as much of the leafy greens as they can in eight minutes. The contest is run by the Independent Health Foundation's Healthy Options program. The winner who kales the competition will go home with a $2,000 top prize.

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"For the first time in human history, the world's greatest eaters will test themselves against the almighty kale — the leafy green vegetable that has captured the hearts and minds of both the culinary set and those for whom their body is a temple," the press release says. "This battle of man vs. woman vs. kale promises to be the healthiest eating contest in the history of the world."