New York Loves Tacos, Austin Prefers Brisket: What Did Your City Order For Takeout This Year?

Pizza and Chinese food aren't the only takeout options anymore. By now, Grubhub and Seamless have become microcosms of both regional and national taste preferences.

So what is America ordering? According to Grubhub's year-end statistics, the most popular dishes nationwide were macaroni and cheese, chicken and waffles, and tonkotsu ramen. But the most interesting data comes from the city-by-city breakdown where local favorites are revealed.

Here is a list of American cities with their most-ordered dishes from Grubhub:

Atlanta: sweet potato fries

Austin: brisket sandwich

Boston: kimchi fried rice

Chicago: tonkotsu ramen

Denver: fried pickles

Detroit: banana pudding

Houston: chile con queso

Las Vegas: garlic naan

Los Angeles: spicy scallop roll

Miami: jerk chicken

New York: barbacoa tacos

Portland, Ore.: panang curry

San Francisco: carne asada burritos

Seattle: vegetarian samosas

St. Louis: chicken quesadilla

Washington, D.C.: chana masala