This New York City Bakery Will Only Hire a Male Chef

New York City Chinatown bakery Mango Mango posted a job listing for a male kitchen staffer and “female only” cashier

Women in the front of the house… men in the back. What century is this?

Can you say hiring discrimination lawsuit? One New York City bakery is rubbing people the wrong way after posting a job listing on their window with specific gender roles in mind.According to a photo submitted to the Bowery Boogie news blog, Mango Mango, a dessert spot in Chinatown, is hiring a full-time cashier (female-only!) and a full-time male kitchen staffer. Apparently the restaurant wants a woman to be the face of the eatery, and a man actually preparing the sweets in the back.

“When I saw the sign while walking around Chinatown I was shocked, how can the restaurant owners so blatantly promote antiquated gender roles and get away with it?” an anonymous neighborhood resident asked.

This type of hiring discrimination has gotten restaurants like Hooters in legal trouble before because it will only hire female servers, but they (mostly) get away with it for arguing a “bona-fide occupational qualification.”

What about Mango Mango? Should someone inform them of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a law that forbids sex discrimination in any aspect of employment?

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The Daily Meal has contacted Mango Mango for comment.