New Meatless Burger Wows David Chang

Has Impossible Burgers set itself an impossible task, attempting to create meaty patties without actual ground beef?

If Impossible Foods has its way, the days of burgers like these could be numbered.

Aptly-named Impossible Foods has, well, done the impossible: It has created a meatless burger that has wowed critics and may eventually to change the way people think about this favorite all-American food.

Momofuku guru David Chang had the opportunity to try the “burger” in April 2016. His words emphasize just how bright things might look for Impossible Foods: "Today I tasted the future, and it was vegan: this burger was juicy/bloody and had real texture like beef. But more delicious and way better for the planet. I can't really comprehend its impact quite yet...but I think it might change the whole game."

That’s some really high praise. Remember, this is the guy that Time described as the chef who “broke all the rules.” He’s undoubtedly invested in a future that involves meatless burgers (because that might be the definition of breaking all the rules), and to him, Impossible Foods have created the real deal.

Now, Impossible Foods aren’t the only company trying to create a burger out of plants. Boulder-based Beyond Burger has already rolled out a product at the Boulder Whole Foods that supposedly tastes, smells, and bleeds like a meat burger. Their product is available for $5.99, and will undoubtedly be popular.

However, Impossible Foods is taking a different approach to the business, one that one blogger has likened to Tesla. Impossible Foods is trying to gain traction in the market not for a meatless burger, but for a burger that tastes better than a regular burger. Their price point, like Tesla, is on the higher end of the market. However, the quality of their product is unquestioned, and the goal is to increase market share before starting to lower prices to be more affordable to everyone.


Tesla cars are known for being beautiful, high-powered machines that also happen to be extremely environmentally-friendly. Impossible Foods might be making the burger equivalent to that. And, given such high praise from David Chang and others, their model might just work. Let’s just hope that, unlike Tesla, Impossible Burgers doesn’t start crashing.