The New FedEx: Waffle House Can Now Deliver Your Packages

The New FedEx: Waffle House Can Now Deliver Your Packages
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Does UPS now stand for United Parcel Syrup?

Here’s something we weren’t expecting from Waffle House: it has turned into a FedEx competitor. Waffle House, the regional diner chain, has announced that it will be partnering with Roadie, known as the “Uber of package delivery.” Roadie matches people who want to ship packages with Roadie drivers who happen to be going in that direction, in what the company describes as the “first neighbor to neighbor shipping network.” With the Waffle House partnership, you’ll be able to meet your driver (and your package) at your local Waffle House. 

"For the last 60 years, Waffle House has been a place for travelers and a preferred meeting place for our customers," said Walt Ehmer, CEO of Waffle House, in a statement. "Roadie combines the two, making it easy for senders and drivers who love waffles to meet at the nearest Waffle House. And who doesn't love waffles?"


Plus, drivers, known as “roadies,” will get a free waffle and drink when they meet the package recipient at Waffle House. Right now, Roadie operates out of 10 southeastern states, which is perfect, because that’s where the majority of Waffle Houses are located. Roadie and Waffle House will be sharing in-house promotions for their members, so you’ll be able to get sweet deals on waffles and your Amazon orders.