Is This the New Face of TGI Fridays?

New prototype in Texas is much different than the Fridays we know

New design reflects changing consumer needs and a desire to appeal to the millennial-minded generation.

The TGI Fridays we’ve come to know might be undergoing an extreme makeover.

A new prototype for the 51-year-old chain has opened in Corpus Christi. The dark wood interior and walls filled with “kitschy antiques” have been replaced with “a light-filled terrain of blond wood,” according to Adweek.

The bar includes stations for juices and coffee, in addition to the chain’s usual fare, and a selection of grab-and-go salads and sandwiches are on offer. The restaurant opens at 7 a.m., features Wi-Fi-connected areas, and hosts live events at night, including band performances, trivia, and open-mic nights.

Fridays CMO Brian Gies says, “It's a response to what customers are looking for. We're finding that people will use the grab-and-go to bring something back to their table, or if they've been at the bar having a beer and they're winding down, they may grab a bite to go. It's about delivering flexibility.”


Gies reports that the customer response has been positive thus far, and indicates that the rest of the chain will follow the prototype’s model if sales do well.