This Nebraska Non-Profit Redirects Food That Would Be Thrown Out to Needy Hands

Saving Grace, an Omaha non-profit, ‘saves’ food that would normally be thrown out and gives it to food pantries in the area

Those canned goods that weren’t sold at the local grocery store? They now have a home.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the food that doesn’t get sold at convenience stores and grocery stores? We already know that as a country and as a planet, we have a long way to go when it comes to diminishing food waste, and stores like this waste-free supermarket in Germany have already tried.This non-profit in Omaha, Nebraska is eliminating food waste and feeding others at the same time: Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue saves unsold food items from grocery and convenience stores that would have gotten thrown out, and redistributes them to food pantries.

The Saving Grace food rescue group, which started in 2013, held an event this past weekend to raise awareness about the importance of cutting down on food waste. The food rescue collection helps local food pantries like the Heart Ministry Center feed record numbers of people, around 600 households per week, according to


We’ve already told our readers that many packaged foods are perfectly okay past their expiration dates, and the USDA is even encouraging us to consume foods up to 18 months past the stamped “Best By” date, so there’s no reason to look down upon giving unsold food away to the needy.