National Park Considers Banning Food Following Slew of Bear Sightings

String Lake, located at Grand Teton National Park, is a popular area that bears frequent for food

Visitors have been deliberately and accidentally feeding bears food at String Lake.

Officials at Grand Teton National Park are considering banning food at String Lake following multiple bear sightings at the picnic area.

Andrew White, spokesman for the Wyoming park, told Jackson Hole News & Guide that visitors are both deliberately and accidentally feeding the bears.

Over the past three years, park employees have noticed that people leave their food unattended at the picnic area while they swim in the lake. There have also been reports of park-goers feeding bears directly. In a recent incident, a bear approached a picnic table, scared the people eating away, and stole a sandwich.

“She didn’t bother them, she was just interested in the food,” White told Jackson Hole News.

The bears also steal food and drinks from backpacks, coolers, and trash bags.


Grand Teton National Park’s website advises park visitors to not feed bears other wildlife for any reason, saying, “Failure to follow park food storage regulations is a violation of federal law.”