In-N-Out Burger Voted Better Place of Employment Than Facebook

In-N-Out outranked Facebook, Apple, and LinkedIn on Glass Door’s annual list
In-N-Out Burger Voted Better Place of Employment Than Facebook
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Forget Silicon Valley, mountains of burgers are where it’s at!

When Glass Door released their annual survey of the 50 Best Places to Work in 2015, no one was really shocked that Google took the number one spot (after all, they do have gourmet, chef-created meals in their numerous cafeterias). But there were some surprises on the list, most notably, In-N-Out: the California burger chain came in at number eight on the list, outranking Facebook at number 13, Apple at number 22, and LinkedIn at 23. Winners were determined by user reviews.

Apparently working at (some) burger joints is better than working for a big tech company, even with the fight for 15 still going strong. Some of the employee reviews state: “Hours are great, fast paced work never a dull moment so work goes by fast, Great pay,” and “easy to get time off and a flexible schedule,” as well as this sweet perk: “"Free meal every day you work.” Some workers do complain that the job is too fast-paced, but that may be why it’s called fast food.

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Out of the 50 top places to work, the only other food-related company to receive a spot on the list was Wegman’s at number 32.