‘My Perfect Storm,’ a Documentary About René Redzepi’s Noma, Is Released

The documentary about Noma showcases the day-to-day systems of operation behind the restaurant voted the best in the world

This very well might be the must-see food documentary of the year.

Noma: My Perfect Storm is a film that offers a glimpse into the world of one of the most celebrated innovators in the modern culinary world: René Redzepi. The documentary, directed by Pierre Deschamps and based on two books written by Redzepi, dives into the intricate inspirations behind each dish at Noma in Copenhagen, as well as the amount of work and culinary technology it takes to run this well-oiled machine of a restaurant.

The 95-minute documentary, which premiered earlier this week shows various scenes in an out of the restaurant.

Viewers will see Redzepi foraging for ingredients all over the Danish countryside, and inside the kitchen, will witness every bead of sweat that goes into creating 45 perfect place settings in the Noma dining room each night. The result is a detailed picture of the restaurant that, since its opening in 2002, has consistently been at the forefront of culinary technique and advancement.

Thus far, the film has received mostly positive reviews. The New York Times calls it, “a valentine to foodies,” but laments that it glosses over some of the rougher patches in Noma’s existence including an uncomfortable split from co-owner Claus Meyer. “Such evasions make ‘Noma’ less a documentary than a glittering souvenir, but it’s still a record of a legend,” The Times reviewer muses. Indie Wire’s review expresses a similar sentiment about the film, dubbing it, “crafted with exquisite care in the vein of its subject, though it occasionally feels overly precious.” Deschamps has since defended the apparent omission, telling The Daily Meal that Meyer still co-owned Noma at the time of filming, and that even now he still owns 20 percent of the restaurant.


Noma: A Perfect Storm also serves as a cinematic swan song, since the restaurant as we know it will be closing on New Year’s Eve 2016 to become an urban farm with a limited seasonal menu. Redzepi will also be opening a full-service restaurant called 108 in Copenhagen in early 2017.