Murray’s Goes Back on Its Famous ‘No Toasting’ Policy for Bagels, Infuriating New Yorkers

Murray’s Bagels, famous for their ‘no bagel toasting’ policy, has relented in the face of popular demand

Now your toaster request won’t be denied (but we can’t guarantee there won’t be some serious side-eye).

There are a few things all New Yorkers know about their precious bagels: everything bagels are the best option, ask for a schmear (unless you want your cream cheese piled three inches thick), and never order your bagel toasted. Why? Bagel purists say it ruins the textural experience of the iconic starchy breakfast, and bagel shops like H&H (currently closed) and Murray’s have even outright banned toasting.But now, much to the dismay of those same purists, Murray’s Bagels in Greenwich Village (and its sister shop in Chelsea) is easing their policy.

In June, Murray’s Bagels quietly installed convector-style toaster ovens and tweeted out their plan to allow customers to request browned, crispy bagels.

“Although we still firmly believe that a hand-rolled, kettle-boiled, fresh Murray’s Bagel is superb, our customer’s satisfaction is paramount to us,” the tweet said. “We will now toast bagels upon request and hope that everyone will enjoy New York’s best bagels any way they choose.”

Four years ago, Adam Pomerantz, owner of Murray's Bagels told The Daily Meal, "Personally, I do not need a bagel toasted — if it’s fresh. It has to be fresh, or right out of the oven. A fresh bagel does not need to be toasted."


New Yorkers were not pleased: