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Move Over, Seamless: Now You Can Order Food on Facebook

Now you can order food, book an appointment, or order movie tickets on Facebook

Facebook just announced a food-ordering feature that will allow the popular social media site to compete with delivery services like Seamless and Grub Hub.

You can now order food through individual Facebook restaurant pages via services like Delivery.com and Slice. Facebook users can also make haircut, salon, doctor, and dentist appointments on Facebook pages via services like MyTime; and users can even buy movie and event tickets through EventBrite and Ticketmaster without ever having to click off the Facebook tab. All tickets and reservations are then stored in the form of QR codes in Facebook’s app.

Another unique add-on is the “ask for a recommendation” feature, in which Facebook can detect you’re asking a question like, “What are the best taco places in my neighborhood?” in your status, and it will automatically create an interactive, communal map where people can pick and place their favorite suggestions.

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Although individual businesses like Pizza Hut and Burger King already set up ways to order food through Facebook Messenger, this is the first time that Facebook has officially sanctioned its own service, according to Recode.