This Mother Makes Detailed Cartoon Food Art Out of Healthy Meals for Her Son

Eating healthy doesn’t seem so daunting when it looks like a cartoon!

Laleh Mohmedi posts photos of the food art she makes with her son Jacob.

Bento boxes are adorable, but this mother is taking it to a whole new level for her son.

Laleh Mohmedi has been making incredibly detailed and healthy meals for her son Jacob and documenting them on her Instagram, Jacob’s FOOD Diaries. She’s made everything from SpongeBob SquarePants to Shrek out of food — she even created a version of Olaf from Frozen using scrambled egg whites, a carrot for the nose, and pretzel sticks for the arms and hair. Every plate also says “Jacob” in letters made of fruits or vegetables.

Mohmedi is based in Melbourne, Australia. She told Inside Edition that every night before Jacob goes to bed, he tells her what character he wants to help make in the morning. The characters can be from a book, movie, or toy. “He has his own little chopping board and sits there cutting — well, trying — fruit,” Mohmedi said. “It’s our little moment together that we love.”


Mohmedi said that she is a proponent of healthy eating and would love to make a book of food art and recipes for other mothers. “I will continue to make food art for him until he grows out of it,” Mohmedi told Inside Edition.


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