The 10 Most Hilarious Menu Translations You’ll Ever See

Some words do not translate into English very well, sure. But other times, you can tell that people just didn’t even try

Words tend to be misinterpreted when they are translated to English. Who are the mermaid in the deep sea and McDonald's best friend?

When it comes to menu fails at “ethnic” restaurants, we’ve all been there: You open up the menu, start scanning it to figure out what you want to eat, and suddenly you come across a translation that isn’t just wrong, it’s hilariously wrong.

For example, when a dish is called “Sweet Fume (sauce) Cannot” and it actually looks like duck. Or, when another dish is called “Human Skin” and we just hope that it’s just a typo.

Spotting these kinds of mistakes at restaurants whose cuisine doesn’t come from countries where English isn’t the native language has almost become a full-time Internet sport. There’s even a cottage industry of Photoshopped fake menu mistakes.  

We get it, some words and dishes get lost in translation — it’s inevitable — and we’re sure there have been a fair share of words from other cultures that Americans have misunderstood and misappropriated. But some translations are just too flat-out hilariously wrong. They have to be made fun of.

So whether they’re real or created through the magic of Photoshop, check out these 10 hilarious menu mistranslations. They’re guaranteed to make you laugh.

1. When Google ends up providing you a disservice at a Chinese restaurant.

2. No, just no.

3. Sounds quite annoying, I’ll pass.

4. Yum, I always knew that Wikipedia tasted delicious.

5. Hmm, we’re very confused by this pizza, too.

6. What is this that we’re eating?


Dagens lunch. Vegan, vegetarian eller kannibal kanske? #foodinchina #findsomethingwrong #chinesetranslation

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7. The sweet fumes just cannot deal with this anymore. They just can’t.

8. Oh boy, that sounds quite terrifying.

9. That should never happen at all. Nope.


Who's translating for your menus dude? #roastedHUSBAND

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10. The witch from Hansel and Gretel must be the executive chef at this restaurant.