Morimoto Opens New Momosan Bar Serving Sake, Shochu, and Japanese Whisky

Chef Morimoto recently celebrated his birthday at the brand-new bar inside Morimoto Napa

What better way to celebrate an Iron Chef’s birthday than with copious amounts of sake?

Japanese liquor comes to the valley! Napa Valley is getting yet another Morimoto establishment. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto just celebrated his 60th birthday with the opening of the new Momosan Bar inside Morimoto Napa. The bar will focus on Japanese liquors (of course), and will primarily serve sake, shochu (distilled Japanese liquor made from barley, sweet potatoes, or buckwheat), and Japanese whisky.

Since this is Morimoto we’re talking about, the Japanese liquors won’t just be served in a normal, boring glass:  Morimoto wrote in his blog that at Momosan, the sake will be poured in a glass and displayed in a Masu box (a square wooden box that dates back to Japanese feudal society) and the whisky will be served with large, hand-carved spheres of ice. Morimoto partied at his new bar with a cake shaped like a red Japanese chef’s coat and a ridiculously large bottle of Pol Roger champagne.


Morimoto Napa is located on Main Street in Napa, California.