More Trouble in Burrito Paradise: Chipotle Now Being Sued for Gender Discrimination

Three former employees at Chipotles in the Cincinnati area are suing the restaurant chain for discrimination against women
The ramifications of E. coli are not the only woes Chipotle is facing nowadays.


The ramifications of E. coli are not the only woes Chipotle is facing nowadays.  

Chipotle is facing another lawsuit, and this time it has nothing to do with sick customers. Three former employees at three different Chipotle locations in the greater Cincinnati area are suing the fast casual chain for what they are calling blatant gender discrimination. The three former managers have filed a lawsuit claiming they were fired for unfair reasons, despite having received above average performance reviews or audits. The women claim that Chipotle violated the Family and Medical Leave Act, which stipulates that employees must be provided unpaid leave for qualified medical or familial reasons.

The court case began today, and the women all have different, separate accounts of misogynistic experiences at their former place of work. Herman Mobbs, the area manager of Chipotle was described as making off-hand comments like, “There sure are a lot of overweight women working here,” and “you’re too emotional.”

According to court documents, all three female employees were terminated in 2011 and 2012 after positive performance reviews and replaced by male employees.

Chipotle has maintained that the women were fired for their quality of work, not their gender:

“These women were terminated because they did not meet the basic standards of restaurant management,” Chipotle lawyer Kate Mowry told

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