Moms of the World: Chick-fil-A Has Your Back

Mom’s Valet Service helps to alleviate some of the stresses of eating out with small children

Flickr / Rebecca L / CC BY 4.0

Through the service, orders are placed and paid for in the drive thru, and orders are ready inside.

Eating out at restaurants with small children can be difficult. Scott Brickhouse, owner of two Chick-fil-As in Lakewood, Florida, experienced firsthand the difficulty of feeding his four boys on his own. Brickhouse’s solution, ordering drive-thru food and eating it in the car, sparked the idea for Chick-fil-A’s Mom’s Valet, according to Today. Brickhouse told Today, “It is an immediate success with moms.”

Through Mom’s Valet, parents order and pay for their food at the drive-thru, park, and Chick-fil-A staff members set up a table with the food inside.

Mom’s Valet, Brickhouse’s original conception four years ago, has since expanded to about 100 Chick-fil-A locations, according to Fortune. Participating locations display a sign at the drive-thru and can choose whether or not they offer Mom’s Valet based on their traffic for the day.

A spokesperson for the company tells Fortune, “Our hope is that with ongoing improvements to our mobile ordering app, all customers will have access to this level of convenience at their fingertips in all locations in the future.”

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