A Modest Propizzal: Creative Pizzeria Basically Makes a Ring Box Out of Pizza

Vinnie’s Pizzeria, the same people that brought us the pizza in a pizza box made out of pizza, just made a mini version
For those who are looking for cheesy ways to propose to their significant others.

Vinnie's Pizza

For those who are looking for cheesy ways to propose to their significant others.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn captivated the world when it invented the pizza box made entirely out of a larger pizza pie. The pizza-ception, although delicious, may prove to be impractical for some customers who find it difficult to polish off a regular pizza pie, plus a jumbo-sized pizza casing.

Fear not: Vinnie’s has invented the miniature version of this spectacular innovation, and it’s basically the pizza version of a ring box for all of your edible proposal needs.

“Can't finish a whole Vinnie's Pizza Box Pizza by yourself? Well check it out: Mini Pizza Box Pizza for the Pizza lover on the go. Handheld, for your pleasure. Great for a quick snack or use it to propose to your significant other, whatever you'd like!” Vinnie’s Pizza introduces the new innovation in an enticing Instagram post.

We’re looking at the same pizzeria that topped a pie with individual slices of pizza, so we’re expecting more pizza-ception inventions coming soon. Perhaps a pizza stuffed-crust pizza or a double-decker pizza sandwich? The options are as endless as our appetite for a good-old Brooklyn slice. 

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