Aleksandar Mijatovic / Shutterstock

Mischievous Husky Caught on Camera Stealing Bread From Dollar Store

No charges were filed against the culprit

Aleksandar Mijatovic / Shutterstock

The huskies’ shoplifting days are over.

An unorthodox bread bandit made off with a loaf of Wonder Bread at a Dollar General store in Shaffer, California, and it was all caught on camera.

“This dog came in and he was really friendly looking around,” Abby Lopez, a witness and Dollar General employee, told KGET-TV.

In security camera footage posted on the Shaffer Police Department Facebook page, the husky is seen making a run for it with the bread. The dog went head-to-head with a store employee until the bag broke and he was home-free. The police (aka Shaffer animal control) were contacted.

However, one loaf of bread wasn’t enough, and the husky came back for seconds, but not alone — there was another husky accomplice on site for the thievery.

“They end up getting greedy, which is why they get caught, and unfortunately in this case, the culprits were apprehended," Nick Riddick, Shaffer animal control manager, said.

The huskies had no tags or identifications and are being held at the Shaffer Animal Shelter until claimed.

“They will be held for the requisite time period after which point we will certify them good for adoption and they will most likely be put up for adoption,” Riddick said.


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