Milk Bar Adds New Soft Serve Ice Cream and Shakes to the Menu

New York City’s Milk Bar, with Christina Tosi at the helm, has added a new menu of frozen desserts

A birthday cake truffle in milkshake form? There goes our summer diet.

Attention, New Yorkers: If it isn’t already, Milk Bar is about to become your favorite summer dessert spot in the city. Milk Bar, headed by James Beard award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosi, has added new soft serve ice cream, shakes, and drinks to the menu.The selections are made from classic menu-favorite pastries like birthday cake truffles and malt cake.

Available at all New York City locations, these new frozen treats include chocolate chip passionfruit cake soft serve (Milk Bar’s chocolate chip layer cake with passionfruit and a hint of coffee, transformed into a soft serve ice cream topped with chocolate chips), crunchy cereal shake (cereal milk classic shake with added cornflakes), birthday cake truffle shake (a cereal milk shake blended with 3 birthday truffles), chocolate malt cake shake (cereal milk shake blended with hot fudge and three chocolate malt truffles),  and the cereal milk affogato (an affogato is espresso topped with ice cream, and this one uses Stumptown coffee and Tosi’s famous cereal milk ice cream).


Catch these summer treats before the weather starts to cool off.