A Midnight Asian Food Market: More Details Revealed for Anthony Bourdain’s Food Hall Concept


“Eating and drinking at midnight” is the concept behind Anthony Bourdain’s Asian food market.

In two years, a food hall the likes of which has never been seen in New York City will open its doors, thanks to the ingenuity of Anthony Bourdain. We announced earlier this year that Anthony Bourdain’s food hall/market/Singaporean hawker was set to open in 2017, but details about the project have been scarce, until now.

In an interview with The New York Times, the highly opinionated chef and culinary explorer, revealed the concept behind his project: “Think of an Asian night market, eating and drinking at midnight.”

Bourdain also confirmed that he and his partners have leased the main concourse and mezzanine of Pier 57, at 15th Street, a large shipping pier on the Hudson, as the location of the highly anticipated food hall. Bourdain Market, with 155,000 square feet of space, will be home to more than 100 wholesale food vendors, including noodle-sellers, fishmongers, butchers, bakers, and even eventually a full-service restaurant. 


The “beating heart and soul” of the project will be the Singaporean-style hawker, which if you’ve been paying attention to The Daily Meal’ extensive Singaporean anniversary coverage, features small stands selling cheap, authentic street foods. However, Bourdain’s hawker stalls will not just be Singaporean but will sell street food from all over the world, “from fine Spanish ham” to  traditional Chinese noodles.