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Michelin-Starred Chef Takes a Stand Against TripAdvisor Reviewer

Chef Glynn Purnell refutes many of the claims made in the negative review

The pen (or in this case, online forum) might be mightier than the sword, but this Michelin-starred chef has a few choice words of his own for one TripAdvisor reviewer. The customer in question wrote a one-star review of chef Glynn Purnell’s restaurant, Purnell’s, after a series of telephone and email conversations with the restaurant regarding the experience, according to Birmingham Mail.

The review reads, “£68.00 the 6 course tasting menu for tiny quenells of food on a plate with a sprinkling of leaves is just sinful in this day and age.” The reviewer claims that she was charged extra for a substitution as a member of her party was allergic to Scottish halibut, which was replaced with “approximately a serving spoon of beetroots.” It ends, “Maybe the chef should watch [MasterChef: The Professionals] for a few lessons to see how food should be served.”

Purnell had some words of his own, and responded to the TripAdvisor review. He writes, “Having spoken to this ‘reviewer’ over the telephone on Tuesday night, we were shocked to hear that her and her party had a bad experience. We were not made aware of any issues during their dining experience.” Purnell calls out the fact that the restaurant has tried to rectify the situation with the diner, to no avail as she is unwilling to accept any provisions. Purnell said there were many instances in which the diner and her party could have communicated their complaints regarding the dining experience.

The response continues, “They are clearly not willing to compromise with us, which shows how social media has changed the way a restaurant has to operate and how guests’ can influence and affect the organisation… In regards to [MasterChef,] Glynn is well celebrated and well received in the public scene. Perhaps this reviewer would have more satisfaction from watching [Man V. Food].”

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