Verde Gardens is a creative solution that gives those in need a chance at a fresh start.

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Miami’s Homeless Get Second Chance at Life by Working for an Organic Farm and Restaurant

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Miami’s homeless have a new opportunity: working for Verde Gardens, an organic farm and market that gives them job experience

Miami’s newest solution to its growing number of homeless people is a creative one. Verde Gardens, a military base that was destroyed during Hurricane Andrew, is now a 22-acre organic farm, café, and farmers market staffed by 145 homeless families.

The needy families put in their time and effort, and receive modest salaries, job experience, and organic vegetables in return. Verde Gardens just debuted a brand-new, open-air  café that employs 10 residents.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” homeless shelter resident Alma Santos said while standing beside her 14-year-old son at a recent ceremony that marked the opening of Verde Gardens. “You have forever changed our lives and made it possible for us to now help others.”

The Verde Community Farm, Market, and Café is located at 12690 SW 280th Street in Homestead, Miami. The restaurant is currently only open for lunch.

This is not the only innovative homeless solution we’ve seen of late: Earlier this month we reported on a homeless shelter that opened a rooftop garden tended by residents. 

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