Meatless Impossible Burger Gets the Nod from David Chang; It Will Appear on the Nishi Menu

The popular, meatless ‘Impossible Burger is now being touted by David Chang, who added his own version to the menu at Nishi

It looks like meat, smells like meat, but it’s totally vegan.

No veggie burger has created as much buzz recently as the Impossible Burger, a plant-based burger perfected by science that has the look and mouthfeel of actual beef. Critics thus far have given it a sound, “Actually it’s not that bad!” and Momofuku chef David Chang was so impressed that he created his own version which will appear on the menu at Nishi in New York City.

Impossible Foods was the brainchild behind the Impossible Burger, headed by Patrick Brown, a biochemistry professor at Stanford University who puts equal amounts love, care, and scientific innovation into his tasty creations. The secret to the lab-derived meat — which is famous for “bleeding” like real medium-rare beef — is the addition of the heme molecule, which gives the burger its distinctive meaty look. It also has more protein and fewer calories than a standard burger.

“I was genuinely blown away when I tasted the burger....The Impossible Foods team has discovered how to re-engineer what makes beef taste like beef,” Chang told Eater. “We're always looking to support people who are making the best products in the best ways possible and to me, the Impossible Burger is one more example.  First and foremost, we think this makes a delicious burger.”


Impossible Foods isn’t the only one to make a “bleeding burger.” Beyond Meat also introduced us to the plant-based burger patty. Now Chang made his own based on the ingredients used in the Impossible Burger, many of which — like wheat protein and xanthan gum — can actually be found commonly in industrial kitchens.