McMass Project Wants to Build McDonalds' inside Churches to Maintain Membership

“Our goal is to establish a precedent and a model for an entrepreneurial church,” says the project’s fundraising page

The McMass Project is on a mission to build "the McDonald's church."

A group of people identified as the “McMass Project” is looking to curb the falling numbers in church membership by putting your Big Mac (pretty close to) where your bible is.

Paul Di Lucca, a founder of the multidenominational group told NBC News that the campaign is not a joke, but an acknowledgement of McDonald’s ability to “bring communities together,” and cites the fact that “Christianity is unable to capture modern audiences.”

That’s where the golden arches come in.

So far on Indiegogo, the innovative group has raised $192 of its $1 million goal, which would suggest that most churchgoers appreciate the separation between church and cheeseburger, or perhaps this campaign has yet to reach the right audience.


 Watch the trailer for the McMass Project below and see if you agree with their campaign to #feast4Jesus. Again, as far as we know, this campaign has not been revealed as a hoax (though maybe that’s coming at the $1 million mark).

The McMass Project from McMass Project on Vimeo.

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