McDonald’s Workers Brawl Over Who Has to Make the Apple Pies

Video footage of two McDonald’s employees duking it out over who has to make the apple pies has gone viral
This is not exactly what we call friendly customer service.


This is not exactly what we call friendly customer service. 

They weren’t lovin’ it that day. Video footage of two McDonald’s workers having an all-out physical brawl over whose turn it was to make the famous McDonald’s apple pies has gone viral, thanks to a quick-thinking customer who whipped out a smartphone to record the cringe-worthy action.

The fight took place between two female employees at a Chester, South Carolina, McDonald’s restaurant.It started out verbal but soon escalated to punches being thrown, as seen in the video. Just before 10 p.m., another employee called the police. No word on whether or not charges will be filed, but no one was seriously injured according to the police report of the incident.

"We take the care and safety of our employees very seriously and have zero tolerance for violence. At this time, we are cooperating fully with the police during their investigation into this matter," Chris Sparks, McDonald’s Director of Operations, told WBTV.

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