McDonald’s Wants You to Create the Official Burger of Texas

McDonald’s is holding a contest for fans to create the official burger of Texas: The winner will get bragging rights and $5,000

McDonald’s has some beef with the Lone Star State.

“Texas hold ‘em… and eat ‘em!” McDonald’s is holding a contest to find the official burger of Texas, and it wants your help.

The McD Burger Showdown offers fans the chance to build their own burger inspired by the great state of Texas. The winning burger’s creator will get bragging rights, the chance to see his or her work on menus at Texas McDonald’s locations, and a cool $5,000.

The burger builder has a few Texas-style favorites to choose from, like the classic thick-cut Texas toast, BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese and, of course, bacon.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has tried to create a burger for a specific market. Earlier this year, it announced a similar contest for Chicago. The winner, called the ChiTown Classic, had bacon, ham, and pepper jack cheese.


The contest ends March 27, so you better wrangle your genius burger creations together soon, y’all. Make your own here.